Food – Basel: Papa Joe’s. It’s a busy place so you’ll need to book.


I‘ll start this review with a timely word of caution/advice. If you want to eat here and you happen to be visiting the city in December, as we were, then book a table via the company website.

I was here with my wife and a friend, and despite trying to obtain a table on both a Friday and Saturday evening we were turned away. Luckily we did manage to try them out on the Sunday.

The menu is typically American/Mexican so if you’re looking for authentic Swiss cooking look elsewhere – although, the name should be a giveaway for you that you won’t be getting fondues or veal here. For UK visitors if you think TGI Friday’s, then you’ll be pretty close to Papa Joe’s style and food.

It’s a busy/noisy restaurant located in the heart of the city overlooking Barfüsserplatz, and when we dined, was full of youngsters, so again, a caution, if you want a quiet intimate meal, look elsewhere. However, if you want a typical American burger or ribs, perhaps a Mexican fajita, step right inside sir!

And why not quench your thirst at the Caribbean themed cocktail bar while you wait for your table to be made ready. There’s a huge selection of frozen, classic and Caribbean inspired drinks, or if you’re driving, unlikely I know, settle in with a glass of homemade lemonade or a ‘mocktail’.


Service was prompt, despite the fact it was jammed out, the food was hot and plentiful. Bear in mind the starter portions aren’t huge though, and our onion rings and chicken strips served in cones were sitting atop a mound of nachos – you don’t actually get a full cone of either item, despite the picture menu suggesting this.

The burgers are huge and there is a large choice to suit all tastes. Well cooked, in a nice bun with an assortment of sides and dips on the plate made it a good main course option.


For desserts, a HUGE warning, if you decide to go for the banana split, as I did, it’s a hot dish served with toasted marshmallows, which WILL stick to your lips like napalm – very sweet and tasty, but lethal if you try to eat it before it’s been allowed to cool slightly first.


Prices are a little higher than you will pay in the UK for the same type of food – but that’s not unusual all over Europe so don’t let it put you off. Main courses vary from 20 to 40 Swiss Francs

For menus and booking facility, visit the company’s website at:Papa Joe’s

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