Travel: Music Hall Tavern. You won’t find a better night out in Tenerife, so don’t waste time looking.

If you happen to get the chance to visit this show – do it!

Are you game for a laugh, fancy a bit of fun on holiday? Then I’d suggest you head to the Canaries and get your tickets booked for Music Hall Tavern (MHT), the islands unique and rip-roaring, laugh-a-minute comedy drag act.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that this wouldn’t normally have been my first choice for a night out, however, I’ll happily be that flag waving convert now I’ve seen the show.

Funny simply doesn’t cut it. This was a hilarious, nay riotous show, which had me wiping tears of laughter on more than one occasion. It really hits the mark every time with blisteringly hot, on-topic, and up-to-date material making this a show suitable for all age groups free from the fear of embarrassment of the very young or your old aunt Fanny!

mht 1

Well, I say free from embarrassment – did I mention the problems of sitting in a front-row seat? I have now…

MHT started in 1994 when two young men, Paul Carroll and Lee Sanderson opened their first set of doors in Lanzarote, and they’ve gone from strength to strength since then, now producing top quality stage shows which would easily transfer to the largest stages worldwide. And that’s actually what they do when they take their show on tour around the UK and beyond.

The act, although scripted, comes into its own when the performers start ad-libbing, which they do with some regularity. This is when the show really comes alive to a completely different level and allows the team to shine – and boy do they shine in those sequins! However, my little bit of extra praise has to be reserved for the standout ‘Mrs T’ who can simply play any character, comedy or drag, to perfection.

On the evening of my visit, the loss of Montserrat Caballé’s plastic ears during the Freddy Mercury piece, and the subsequent ‘make it up as you go’ sing-a-long had the audience literally falling from their seats with the side-splitting performance.


If you do nothing else while on holiday in any of the Canary Islands this, or any other year, I urge you, no, I demand that you get a ticket to a show which I see a huge future for in the years to come.

I promise you’ll not be disappointed.



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